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Join the team that will help you WIN!

Join the team that will help you WIN!

About Us

Hollywood Animation Academy has developed the most direct process to help you to get to work in only 2 years at nearly half of the cost of most art and film schools. The animation industry does not require a college degree and it is one of the few careers that you can earn more than 100k a year to start!

Our professional animators and directors will help you achieve that with over 30 years of experience working on some of your favorite films, games and television shows. Unlike online schools, our world-class instructors will walk you through the processes in person and assist you in reaching your full potential on a daily basis.

Our exclusive program is designed to train you to build a winning portfolio using the processes and programs currently used by major Hollywood Studios and Game Developers.

Realizing that the cost of college was getting out of hand, founder Gavin Dell decided to design a specialized school for animation in his hometown of Kansas City. “This is where Disney started and so what better place is there? I think getting enormously in debt from college and then risking not getting hired in a very competitive industry is a terrible way to start.” Mr. Dell explained. “It’s critical that students get trained in a way that actually prepares them for the industry they are going to work in and most colleges aren’t taught by industry animators.

Our instructors have often been the one's at the studio who review the portfolio's and know exactly what they need. Online schools have gotten popular but I know that there are tons of technical problems that come up for people when they are learning animation and they need someone available to help them through those hurdles without wasting time.

Learning animation is an incredibly fun and exciting experience and I don't want my students struggling over a problem with their computer or rig to inhibit their potential. The other thing I think is incredibly beneficial is that students get to work together and see each other’s work develop like we do in major studios. We feed off of each other’s creativity and it raises the level of our work.

When I went to Cal Arts in Los Angeles, I learned more from looking over my fellow student’s shoulders than from many of the teachers. It was the first time in my life I was around better artists than I was and I was on fire to learn all of their tricks. When you are competing with thousands of other artists for jobs you need every advantage you can get and although I think online schools have a lot to offer, they are missing these things.

Our students are going to have the best of all of these experiences and many things I haven’t seen other schools do. It’s going to give our students a huge advantage over other younger artists. ”

The advantage of a diverse skill set gives you more job opportunities and makes you a versatile and valuable asset to every studio!